Position Title

Just use the class .bh-position-title.

To create easily different looking sections within the content Balzac comes with a bunch of position classes you can combine. Just take a look at the following examples.

Default Position Markup

Use the default class .bh-position in each position to get the default padding.

<div class="bh-position bh-position-primary">
    <div class="uk-container uk-container-center">

Position Modifier

Position Primary

Add the class .bh-position-primary to get the default background position color.

Position divider

Add the class .bh-position-divider to add a top border to the position.

Position Secondary

Add the class .bh-position-secondary to get the secondary background position color.

Position Full Width

Add the class .bh-position-full to reset the width of the child uk-container.

Position Remove Padding

Add the class .bh-position-padding-remove to remove the padding.